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Authentication helps determine whether an artifact is genuine and described appropriately. 

Experts, like Stanley Klos, can often detect counterfeits from subtle details, but certifying an artifact genuine can be a painstaking process.  Fakes and forgeries have permeated the collectibles market and the determination of the authenticity of an artifact, especially without provenance, requires not only knowledge of the subject matter but meticulous examination.  It is not unusual for two  autograph professionals to have different opinions on the authenticity of the same item because expertise varies greatly over genre.  For example, experts who are well versed in sports memorabilia authentication are typically not your best choice for authenticating a collection of U.S. Continental Congress Presidential letters. 

Consequently, at Estoric we tailor our authentication services to our client needs which can range from charging a minimal $45.00 fee for an initial digital inspection of Declaration of Independence printings to assembling a panel of three top early American experts to determine the authenticity of a collection of Continental Congress letters. 

Farewell to His Troops: General Order No. 9, issued by General Robert E. Lee
on April 10, 1865  after the 
surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia 

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