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Declaration of Independence

Digital Review 
Stan Klos with Dave Liniger, RE/MAX International's Chairman of the Board at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada opening his Rebels With A Vision Exhibit.  In the background is  William J. Stone's engraving of the Declaration of Independence.
Declaration of Independence 
Digital Review
Estoric is a recognized authority in the authentication of early American history documents that include various printings of the Declaration of Independence.

The overwhelming majority of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) printings, engravings, and manuscripts examined by Estoric are souvenir copies that are worth considerably less than our authentication services. 

William Woodruff Printing  of the Declaration of Independence

Occasionally someone presents us with DOI artifacts that have exceptional monetary and historic value like those imaged on this web page.

American Archives: Fourth & fifth series : containing a documentary history of the United States of America from the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 to the Definitive Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, September 3, 1783 by Peter Force and Published by M. St. Clair Clarke and Peter Force, Washington DC, 1848-1853. The purpose of this work was to compile the History of the United States 1774 through 1783. American Archives were also to include the reproduction of key founding documents of the United States. For that occasion the "Wet Ink" copper plate was removed from storage and altered to reflect the Cotton Wove Paper printing. On July 21, 1833 the original engraver, William Stone, invoiced Peter Force for 4,000 imprints of the Declaration. After mounting expenses and increasing delays in producing American Archives Series IV, by 1843, when Force received Congressional re-authorization, he had scaled back the subscription plan to 500 copies.

There are hundreds of different types of DOIs and it is impossible to start the authentication process without having, at the very least, exceptional digital images as outlined below. A professional DOI authentication, ultimately, requires the document to be in our possession but  souvenir printings typically can be detected with the submission of digital images.  

Declaration of Independence & Geographical Chart of the United States of America - Philadelphia: Thomas Morrison, Circa 1832
Travel, insurance, and shipping costs of DOIs can be, on top of our authentication fees, quite expensive.  The discovery of a well-made 20th Century DOI, found in places like a relative's attic, has launched numerous expensive road trips to our offices only to learn it was a 1950's souvenir copy made to appear 200 years old.  

Declaration of Independence  in The Pennsylvania Evening Post,
Saturday, July 6, 1776, (vol. II, Num. 228). Philadelphia:
Printed by Benjamin Towne, 6 July 1776 

To save our clientele money, several years ago we implemented a service such that, for a fee of $45.00, our expert will review digital images of your Declaration of Independence and provide you with one of the following opinions:  
  1. The Declaration of Independence images indicate that the artifact appears to be souvenir copy. Estoric recommends that you cease investing money into the authentication process. 
  2. The Declaration of Independence images indicate that the artifact may have a significant historic and monetary value.  Estoric recommends that you retain a qualified expert to conduct an authentication study that includes the physical  examination of the artifact including the  ink, paper type and provenance.  

Centennial Printings of the Declaration of Independence 

Estoric’s fee for a physical authentication study of a Declaration of Independence is $175.00 plus shipping and insurance.   If, upon inspection, we determine the document has a value under $1,000.00 a refund of $75.00 will be included with the return of the Declaration of Independence to our client.

Dunlap July 6, 1776 Pennsylvania Packet  Declaration of Independence 

To start the authentication process of your Declaration of Independence  please remit us $45.00  by check or credit card  via Paypal for the digital review:

Declaration of Independence 

Digital  Review

John Dunlap July 4, 1776 printing - Declaration of Independence 

After payment, please email to the following information:

1. Exact measurements of the DOI in inches
2. Digital images that are 5 mega pixels or better of:
  • John Hancock's Signature area or Printed name if a broadside
  • Upper Left 1/4
  • Upper Right 1/4
  • Lower Left 1/4
  • Lower Right 1/4
  • Full digital picture of front 
  • Full digital picture of back
  • IMPORTANT: A picture of any Printing marks (Hancock Insurance, Centennial Edition etc...) or markings (previous owners names, handwritten notes, seals etc...) 

Describe the Paper - Vellum, Rice, Rag or, if unable to discern, your observations in your own words.

Describe the History of the Document - how did you obtain it?  who were the previous owners?  etc...

19th Century Silk Printing of the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence 

Digital Review
 or send a CD, jump drive, or pictures (we do not return these items) to:

Re: Digital Review

PO Box 15696

New Orleans, LA 70115

Humphrey Phelps 1845 Printing of the
Declaration of Independence

If mailing be sure to include a check for $45.00
or pay below 

Declaration of Independence 

Digital Review -- $45.00

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